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RJ’s Birth Story

It was discovered that my baby was breech at my last prenatal appointment. This was three days before my baby was due. My doctor said either we could try for a version and then be induced the next day, or I could schedule a cesarean section for the following Monday (this was Friday). Of course I chose the version!

The version worked! I was then given doses of prostaglandin gel (except my records show it was actually CYTOTEC!!!) to soften my cervix and get labor going. By 8am the next morning, I was exhausted from contractions all night. I was dilated about 2cm. My OB broke my bag of waters and started Pitocin. Once the contractions got unbearable (I was hungry and tired), I said I wanted the epidural and got it. I dilated to 10 cm within 6 hours!

However, after three hours of pushing and the baby stuck at +3, my OB suggested the cesarean section. I asked for more time and was allowed to rest. However, when it was time to push again, I just had nothing left to give. The baby’s heart was decelerating, and we were whisked off to the operating room. My son was born by Cesarean section.

It took some time to come to terms with my cesarean delivery. I believe that a doula and definitely a home birth midwife could have helped me avoid this unnecessary outcome by telling me various birthing options available (Pitocin and epidural do not have to be the norm; nor does birthing in a hospital). How was I to know that one intervention would lead to the next, and that I had set myself up for a cesarean section? I didn’t know any better, but a good midwife would have!

For those of you recovering physically and/or emotionally from a cesarean, it was actually the best thing that could have happened to me. There is no way I would be serving home birth families today if RJ had been pulled out with forceps or a vacuum extractor – I would have gone back for more with Braeden’s birth – because I had a ‘natural’ (i.e., vaginal, in many people’s minds) birth the first time. You’ll find your silver lining, too.

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