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I am very lucky to have found Tammi and I will use her again for my next birth if I’m still in the area.

I wanted a midwife that would respect my choices and be available to me as a resource without forcing her opinions on me. I wanted a midwife who believed in the wisdom of a woman’s body to know how best to birth her baby. I had been deeply inspired by unassisted childbirth stories and I had discovered that many midwives are so regimented and medicalized that they might as well be obstetricians coming in to my home.

My husband and I were resigned to a long and difficult search to find the sort of midwife we agreed we needed to have, and we weren’t sure we’d be able to.

Then a friend told us about Tammi. We interviewed her and were thrilled to find someone both knowledgeable and profoundly respectful of our choices.

My son is now four months old. The birth was difficult as he was large and had his hand up by his head. Tammi was a consistently encouraging presence throughout the birth, available when we needed her and happy to leave us alone when we didn’t. She monitored my son’s heartbeat frequently throughout the final stages, which helped my husband stay confident. We learned a lot from that birth and there are things we’ll do differently next time. However, we will definitely plan to birth at home again and if we are still in the area we’d be thrilled to have Tammi as our midwife.

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