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“I healed really quickly”

After my second child was born, I ingested it raw in smoothies and still have some in my freezer. I was unaware of the benefits after my first pregnancy, so I can provide feedback on the differences I observed between not ingesting placenta following my first child’s birth and ingesting placenta following my second child’s birth.

1. I didn’t sweat. I was still warmer than usual, but I didn’t wake up at night soaking wet, and I didn’t get out of the shower with sweaty armpits as I experienced following the birth of my first child.

2. I had NO signs of baby blues — no random crying, no sadness… nothing.

3. My face didn’t break out.

4. My breasts didn’t become engorged.

5. I healed really quickly — bled for less than 10 days! Last time, it was about 5 or 6 weeks.

I recommend looking into raw vs. dried placenta. If you tend to run hot or get a dry mouth when you aren’t feeling well, dried placenta may make you drier. That’s one of the reasons I opted for raw.

Good luck!

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