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The care I received from Tammi is what I feel every pregnant woman and her family deserves.  Our prenatal visits were very relaxed, and the whole family came along.  We could take as much time as we needed to discuss anything we needed to.  It was much more like chatting with an old friend than any kind of medical appointment.  We were very impressed with Tammi’s knowledge of the birth process, and most of all, of the trust she has in a woman’s body to do what it was designed to do.  I was in charge of my own care and birth, and given the information I needed to make my own decisions, I did not feel that my care was being handed over to a medical professional who dictated to me what I should do. I felt empowered to give birth to my baby (my 2nd) and excitedly anticipated the event.  I had a quick and uncomplicated delivery at home, which is one of my most precious memories.  Tammi and her assistant were completely respectful of our space and privacy.  My baby never left my arms from the moment of his birth, and we stayed in the comfort of familiar surroundings.  I feel like I was treated like a queen throughout the entire process, and now can’t imagine doing it any other way.

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