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Cord burning

A look inside Hampton Roads Midwifery

In some countries, tetanus is prevented by burning of the umbilical cord instead of cutting it. The burning of the cord cauterizes both sides (placental and newborn).

More than that, cord burning has specific Traditional Chinese Medicine benefits. According to Dr. Joseph Kassel, ND, LAc. (who also serves on the Volunteer Medical Advisory Board for Mother Health International, burning the cord allows the following:

The flame brings the yang qi from the placenta and fire energy into the baby. It has an ethereal and remarkable effect on the baby. It is the core. The umbilicus is the entry place to all abdominal organs. By heating the cord and driving the last of the blood through there you are giving a profoundly tonic treatment for the baby who has just run a marathon…. Cord burning reduces the risk of bleeding and entry of infections. You are warming digestion which will reduce the tendency for jaundice, besides just creating a strong baby which means a good nurser.

Thanks to Christie and baby Rainalyn!

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