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Norfolk families: Post partum visits after you come home from the hospital

You planned your birth at the hospital.  You go home.  Now what?

One of the hallmarks of community-based midwifery care is good post partum care.  That means meeting with my families starting soon after the birth. If I did not do this kind of care with the families I serve for pregnancy and birth, I would have missed breastfeeding challenges, mood changes, the unique needs of the family at the time of transitioning, and parenting questions.  And that is only to start!

Since families who planned their birth at the hospital are not getting this care after they get home from the hospital, I saw the need for these families to also receive home post partum care. I will come see you at home after you have your baby.  Not only will I be checking your vitals signs (I have walked into a home of a mom with post partum-arising preeclampsia more than once which would have been missed if I hadn’t given post partum care; I have also walked into babies not feeding and moms experiencing a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder), but I will be tailoring my care to you and your family, including your baby.  We are a team.  You won’t have to wait 2-4 weeks to see your provider to get questions answered.  I’ll help you get those answers and help you to not struggle on things we can resolve together.  I also have a wide network of resources to help with all sorts of unique post partum needs if further specialized care is needed (think mental health therapists, tongue tie evaluations, IBCLC breastfeeding specialties and anything you could think of).

Let me help your family once you get home.  All families should have home-based post partum care.

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