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Tammi is a midwife who honors women with her work, serving as companion, healer and teacher through pregnancy and birth.  She brings dignity, wisdom, and respect along to births just as she does a stethoscope, doppler, and a blood pressure cuff.  She walks the way of midwives long ago past, reminding us mothers of our god given strengths and our bodies’ ability to bring forth new life free of intervention.  In short, Tammi is a blessing.

I was honored to have her present at the birth of my third child, Irina.  It was mere weeks before my due date that I met Tammi who, without a second’s hesitation, took me on as a client.  Not once did she question my preference for doing my own prenatal care. Never did she grimace at lengthy questions or the time it took to answer them.  When my confidence waned, she lent me hers.  When I went past my due date and my patience was tapped out, she renewed my spirit.   When I labored, she labored with me, not leading me, but walking beside me, joining me on my journey, supporting and encouraging me. 

Tammi is a rock, solid and reliable.  The night I gave birth there was a horrible ice storm.  I was worried that she wouldn’t get to my house.  “I’m from New York,” she said, her lingering accent faintly flavoring her words.  “I’ll get to you no matter how bad the weather.”  And she did. 

My baby was big — 10lbs 10oz.  Surely, a c-section in a hospital.  At the very least, I would have been sliced through while lying flat on my back with a doctor’s hands half way up my torso.  Big babies scare doctors.  But not Tammi.  Tammi has a sure trust in birth that doesn’t waver.  Irina slid out easily just as she was intended to.  
Tammi has as part of her email signature a saying that is recited by the midwives of the African Yoruba.  The goats have no midwives.  The sheep have no midwives.  When the goat is pregnant, she is safely delivered.  When the sheep is pregnant, she is safely delivered.  You, in this state of pregnancy, will be safely delivered.    One meeting with Tammi and you will see that she believes this, wholly and completely.  You will be safely delivered.  Trust birth.

Tammi brought peace and reverence to Irina’s birth.  Thank you, Tammi.  Thank you for being a midwife.  With your work, you honor us all.

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