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I am a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean mom.  I know the journey of the pregnancy and birth for a mom planning a VBAC.  I serve women planning for and birthing their VBAC babies.  I am able to consult with you to prepare for your birth.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean?  Yes, I can!  Our time together is appropriate for planning a VBAC in any birth setting.  I discuss supportive care providers, the role of a doula, alternative health modalities, and the mental and emotional work we do in preparing for a VBAC birth.  I cover how this labor may differ from your first labor.  I have a checklist of what you can do while pregnant to put the odds on your side to have a VBAC.  We will discuss your cesarean operative report that you bring with you.  We can discuss your cesarean labor and birth and answer any questions you have in making your VBAC happen.  You will get your questions answered.

ICAN of Hampton Roads

This is one of your greatest resources – ICAN of Hampton Roads.   This chapter is a great resource for women planning their VBAC and recuperating from their cesarean birth.  I strongly encourage you to attend their meetings.


A Parent’s Guide – Educational Handouts for Parents

A Parent’s Guide – Resources for VBAC and Physiologic Birth

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