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My water broke on my “due date” at 4am during an early morning potty run. When I sat down I felt a gush and I thought “That doesn’t normally happen when I pee.” I got up and sat down again and felt another gush. It was a little pinkish but clear and my plug was in the commode.

We waited to go to my parent’s house until 10am. My midwife (Tammi) showed up soon after. At first the contractions were easy to handle and I just breathed through them. I ate some goldfish crackers, drank some juice or water, talked and joked with my family. When the contractions got a bit harder I tried my hypnobirthing. However, when I listened to the CD, the voice on it just annoyed me and so did my “relaxing” music. So much for that birth class. LOL! I got on my knees and leaned on the bed and rocked my hips when I felt a strong contraction come on.

When my contractions got harder to take, I got in my mom’s deep soak tub. That felt much better…at first. As time wore on, the contractions got harder and I felt pushy. The day and night went on and my midwives decided to check me to see what my progress was. At the check, I was 7/8 cm so they suggested I labor out of the tub for a bit. That was hard as the contractions were really hurting even in the tub. It was so hard to walk as I was being bombarded by contraction after contraction. It helped a little to stand supported by my hubby and rock with each one. We got in the shower until I felt I wanted to get back in the tub. I moaned, groaned and ROARED! I am sure all the relatives downstairs were convinced there was a lioness giving birth not a human! LOL! I threw up at one point so I knew then I was in transition. I was exhausted after so many hours of labor and not having slept. I couldn’t go back to sleep after my water first broke so I had been awake for about 16 hours. My MWs gave me some herbal remedies to help keep up my strength as well as water and gatorade.

I got back in the tub and pushed for a while trying to get him past my pelvic bone. Eventually the midwives wanted to check me again to see if my cervix was in the way. I was so tired by this time, I wanted to give up and my DH was getting worried about me and the baby. He wanted to go to the hospital. I almost said yes but then remembered I was close to giving birth and what was the point, might as well go all the way. I was determined that the pain would not beat me. =)

My cervix wasn’t in the way and MWs asked me to work hard and push on the bed. I pushed for what seemed like forever but was maybe an hour and a half. I worked so hard to get him past my pelvic bone. I finally got him to crown ( OUCH!!!). My MWs slathered me with arnica oil to help relieve any swelling. After another long round of pushing, got his head out. He had the cord around his neck but they unlooped it and it was never a problem during labor. I slowly pushed his shoulders out then he came out with a big gush. What a relief! I did tear a bit in 2 spots so I got a couple stitches and my hemorrhoids were A LOT bigger than they were before! LOL!

I couldn’t believe the feelings I had when I held my little boy for the first time. I was in awe of him. He was so quiet and observant. He started rooting about 30 minutes after he was born and he was a natural latcher. (That would not be the case after my milk came in though). His little fingernails were red and it looked like he was wearing nail polish. He had scratched himself in utero a few times so we put some socks on his hand. I couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. Later I asked my husband what he had looked like while he was crowning and he said “a dirty blue rag”! ROFL!

As I was being stitched up, we let everyone come in and see him. We had kept the name a secret until then and everyone was delighted to hear it. They all said they liked but who is really going to say they hate it at a birth. hehehe We didn’t cut the cord until it had stopped pulsing. DH was astounded at how hard it was to cut. About 45 mintues after the birth I squatted over a bowl and pushed a little to deliver the placenta. It was all in once piece.

After 20 hours of labor, my little boy was born on the 9/19/04 at 1:23am in his grandparents home. He was healthy and alert and did not cry a bit. His APGARS were 8 and 9. His placenta was strong and healthy too. So I didn’t get my waterbirth but he was born in a special place.

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