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Devon, first time momma

i had a home waterbirth with tammi as my midwife.  she was so respectful and caring of me and of my baby.  she always sat with me for as long as i needed during her prenatals and she spoke to my son in the womb with reverence. 

she always asked his permission to check him.  i could not have asked for a better birth experience!  my labor was quite long-36plus hours-and tammi was there for  most of it.  as soon as i felt i wanted her there to support me, she arrived.  she was a calming and peaceful presence throughout.  when i felt i needed assistance and support she was already there-without my needing to voice it.  there were many times when i did not even know she was there, yet the cold cloth for my head or glass of water were in my hands. 

her ability to anticipate my needs was amazing!  after my son’s birth, she helped me very gently figure out how to nurse him that first time.  i had some difficulty birthing my placenta, at which time tammi completely took charge of the situation.  it was exactly what i needed.  i was so exhausted, i needed her to really look into my eyes and tell me what needed to happen. 

she really supported us over those first delicate days as a family and has continued to do so over the last 17 months! 

thank you doesn’t begin to convey my feelings, tammi!

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