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This page is dedicated to informing you on alternative therapies in the childbearing year, as well as research on various topics impacting the childbearing year. Enjoy!

First things, first

Before asking about the safety of homebirth, find research on the safety of doing such in the hospital – especially in light of current, non-evidence-based practices (if you can find good quality research supporting hospital birthing, I’d love to see it).

ICAN has quite a bit of evidence-based information – the cesarean section rate is over 30%!

All women, not just those who have had a cesarean, should visit ICAN’s web site – to avoid a cesarean – and iatrogenic cesareans happen, even in subsequent births.

Homebirth References

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La Partera Y Parto Domiciliario


Prenatal Care, Routine (Guideline) – Go to Algorithm Annotation 29. Ultrasound (Optional)

Q&A: Is ultrasound safe? – Dr. Sarah J. Buckley

Oxygen Use

Hyperoxia in the term newborn: more evidence is still needed for optimal oxygen therapy

Resuscitation with supplementary oxygen induces oxidative injury in the cerebral cortex

The Evidence Mounts Against Use of Pure Oxygen in Newborn Resuscitation

Resuscitation of Depressed Newborn Infants with Ambient Air or Pure Oxygen: A Meta-Analysis

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Neonatal mortality rates higher among infants delivered by cesarean section than for those delivered vaginally

FDA Cautions Against Ultrasound ‘Keepsake’ Images

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